Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
     It was so good to see you down at the Riverwoods, you are always so cheery and your laugh is adorable.  We really appreciate keeping us on the nice list, I know it's a close call sometimes but we will try even harder next year, we promise!  Really we have everything we want and more, but maybe if you could put a good word in at GS for us it would help.  We will be in California for Christmas this year so drop in if you can.  You are the BEST!
The Varleys  

Oh, Christmas Tree

We have loved having our Christmas tree up, it brings such a wonderful feeling into our home.  This year I bought us stockings with the last of our wedding gift cards.  Although we don't have a mantel to hang them from, I love them so much!  I can't wait to spend Christmas in sunny California this year.
Isn't Christmas simply the best?