Saturday, September 26, 2009

why i love hillary

so i can't sleep and thought this would be a perfect chance for me to list the first ten things that come to mind of why i love hillary!

10. she works hard, loves to work, and is good at it!

9. she thinks she is funny and she is, and it is so cute

8. when she snuggles me in the morning (assuming we are not late for class...) she is all warm and cozy

7. she sings the most ridiculous silly made up songs in the car when she thinks i'm not happy :)

6. other people love her and love to be around her too

5. she loves me even though i'm getting chubbier by the hour...

4. she has good style

3. she has a simple yet strong testimony of the gospel

2. she has no idea about sports and doesn't keep up with the news and doesn't care

1. she is extremely supportive in everything that i do, from frivolous little things like me wanting a cheap plastic camera to gargantuan things like me having all kinds of plans in school and life.

these are just the first ten things that came into my mind while i sat here. not a top ten, but just ten simple reasons why she rocks my world

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am sitting in the Library on the 4th Floor where I should be studying for an Exam I need to take and would like to take before Scott gets home from work (I guess that's not happening). Instead I am blogging and dang there is some cute blogs out there. I definitely have my favorites, doesn't everyone? I mean that couple you just can't get enough of or that mother who seems to have to all put together. My blog has a lot of work but I also have a lot to learn about blogging. For now I will get to studying so on my night off of work, my husband and I can go on a date. :)


Life is going great but I have nothing to show for it. I need to remember to bring my camera and take pictures. Here are just a couple of good times since school started.
We have used our gift certificates from our wedding to go out to dinner.
We went to a restaurant Scott use to go to as a kid called Peir Pont Cafe... but it's a new restaurant now well pretty much a pirate bar... we got carded and didn't stay for the dancing, but the food was still pretty good.
We celebrated Christine's Birthday at our house and made crepes which were delicious... it was fun to get together with old roomies and friends... LOVE THESE GIRLS! (Melissa was there in spirit... we sure do miss her)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Children We Adore!

We love these kids and can't get enough of them!

It's so nice to have some nieces and nephews close by. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

We received all of our wedding pictures in the mail and once again our photographer out did herself. My favorite pictures are in the slide show she made that makes me teary eyed every time I watch it. My wedding day was truly the BEST day of my life and I wish we could do it all over again. Okay I am done blogging about our wedding. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

thank you everyone!

this pic is on the computer it's backwards...
this post is for anyone who had anything to do with our wedding!

a special thanks to all those who supported us, wrote kind notes, gave encouraging words, gifts, help, service and on and on!

thanks to our friends and families for coming, loving, and supporting us long before the wedding and after! you did so so so so much for us and dedicated so much of your time in everything from hillary's bridal shower, getting our house set up, haircuts, prep for both receptions, taking time off work to do odds and ends, being there on our special day(or sending notes:)and making our wedding day super amazing!

an extra special thank you to our parents!! our parents donated so much of everything! their time, talents, furnishings, patience, support, love, and...wallets;) everything was so amazing and would not have been near as special with out each individual! we know this was just as much if not more work for you (our parents) and we really do appreciate it beyond what words can express! WE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

love the happiest married people...scott and hillary varley

Friday, September 4, 2009


here it is. the long awaited, much anticipated, next post of our honeymoon!!! (yay, i hear cheers!) ok i'm sure no one is really that interested, but its friday after class and work, and hillary is at work so i thought i'd take this time to take a break from homework...wait...i worded that wrong...i'm letting homework take a break from ME! i'm sure my books would laugh if they could. anyway the honey moon was awesome here are some highlights...
our trip started with a 2 hr sit on the plane at the gate before we switched planes to leave LAX...we were smiling here because we had just gotten on the plane;)

this is us hiking down to queens bath. funny story. when we asked the concierge and others at the hotel where it is they always responded very creepishly, "we cannot talk of that place, people have died there..." it was weird. so we didn't think much of it. then we ran into a couple who said it was super pretty and awesome. so we went hunting. on the way we asked the gate guard at another hotel where it is...he said, "i cannot speak of the place." and that was it. creepy i know. we felt like we were looking for lord voldemort. in the end it we found it and it was beautiful and i'm sure it could be dangerous if you are not too bright , like spilling McD's coffee on yourself and thinking it should not be hot. i love hillary. that is in special blog code. new font i see on blogger.

this is me pretending that coconut milk is good. paid five bucks just to see the old timer use his machete. cute...

eating desert at the beach house watching the sunset!
here is hillary feeding the locals the delicious ice cream i bought for her...she figured well, its not my cat...

oops...didn't see the sign until after:) of course i saw it before, just forgot to mention it...

"if you like pina coloada's..."

i love this stuff. she gives the bestest kisseseses...mmm...;)

look at that more pictures of us in hawaii because it is our blog and i can do what ever i want, and i love hillary!

cool tree:) people carved their names into it:(
wow what a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
riding off into the sunset with my queen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Life is crazy getting our little home in order, starting school, working, and being in LOVE. Our wedding was perfect, thanks to all of our family and friends. Soon we will get back into updating more often but for now you can see a glimpse of our wedding on our amazing photographer's blog.