Friday, September 25, 2009


Life is going great but I have nothing to show for it. I need to remember to bring my camera and take pictures. Here are just a couple of good times since school started.
We have used our gift certificates from our wedding to go out to dinner.
We went to a restaurant Scott use to go to as a kid called Peir Pont Cafe... but it's a new restaurant now well pretty much a pirate bar... we got carded and didn't stay for the dancing, but the food was still pretty good.
We celebrated Christine's Birthday at our house and made crepes which were delicious... it was fun to get together with old roomies and friends... LOVE THESE GIRLS! (Melissa was there in spirit... we sure do miss her)


Anne said...

How cute- I miss you guys!

xoxo said...

I miss you so so much! I am in my pjs alone and missing coming out of my room on a Saturday morning trying to rope someone into going to Crest with me.