Thursday, July 14, 2011


Scott and I have been crazy busy with our jobs lately, so it's a good thing we enjoy them so much.  Scott is in New York for training right now and I have been focusing on Nordstrom's biggest sale of the year...

Red, White and Blue

I love how Provo has so much going on for the 4th of July and everyone joins in on the fun.  We started the weekend at Stadium of Fire, which was a fantastic show this year staring Brad Paisley.  My favorite part was when four men parachuted out of planes wearing red, white and blue, the last one had an American Flag and when he landed everyone stood, it was magical. The fire works were pretty awesome too. 
Late Sunday night we rode bikes up and down University Ave and enjoyed the crowds of people camped out for the parade.  After some much needed rest, the next morning we practiced our game of tennis, rode our bikes down to check out the freedom festival and had lunch.  It was pretty hot out so we decided to go to a cool theater and see Disney Nature's African Cats.  Our 4th of July was very relaxing, just what we needed.