Saturday, September 26, 2009

why i love hillary

so i can't sleep and thought this would be a perfect chance for me to list the first ten things that come to mind of why i love hillary!

10. she works hard, loves to work, and is good at it!

9. she thinks she is funny and she is, and it is so cute

8. when she snuggles me in the morning (assuming we are not late for class...) she is all warm and cozy

7. she sings the most ridiculous silly made up songs in the car when she thinks i'm not happy :)

6. other people love her and love to be around her too

5. she loves me even though i'm getting chubbier by the hour...

4. she has good style

3. she has a simple yet strong testimony of the gospel

2. she has no idea about sports and doesn't keep up with the news and doesn't care

1. she is extremely supportive in everything that i do, from frivolous little things like me wanting a cheap plastic camera to gargantuan things like me having all kinds of plans in school and life.

these are just the first ten things that came into my mind while i sat here. not a top ten, but just ten simple reasons why she rocks my world

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