Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Varley

My man turned twenty-four this last Saturday, so this post is to him.  He is truly the best in every way.  I am so lucky to be Mrs. Scott Aaron Varley and feel blessed to be married to my perfect match, my better half, the man I love.  
(looking so young)
For his birthday, we went to a new favorite restaurant Lone Star Taqueria (thanks Dad for the recommendation) it was absolutely delicious.  Then to Bruges, another new favorite that we first went to with this lovely couple and they showed us what to order and man is it good.  Although I had to work during the day, an evening together was long over due so it was perfect just to be together.
Scott started work at the beginning of the month and has been waking up at 4am to commute and be at work before 6am without complaining once, which shows how amazing my husband really is.  This morning I couldn't sleep so I got up with him and enjoyed hanging out while he got ready.  Here are a few shots I snapped of my handsome hubby.
Yup, he's got it all and he's all mine.
I love this man!

The Gourdins

Drew and Tiffany are two of our favorite people.  You know how people say finding couple friends after you're married is like dating all over again.  Well, we really scored big time dating these guys, you couldn't ask for better friends.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cabin Get Away

The Barton's were so sweet to invite us to their cabin for an enjoyable weekend get away with a bunch of friends. 
We had so much fun relaxing, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, playing with Baby Jane, playing tennis, fishing, off-roading up into the mountains, playing games late into the night and just hanging out.  All in all it was a perfect little get away.  Thanks again Bartons! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seven Peaks

I joined this bunch at the water park in town this week and had a ton of fun.  I can't wait to go with them again.
Brick being his adorable self.
Can't get enough of this girl.
He sure loves his mommy.
Tae's red tongue from a delicious tiger's blood snow cone.

I love summer!

Roll Up Crepes

A new place just came to town called Roll Up Crepes.  They serve delicious sweet and savory crepes in a fun woodsy atmosphere.  If you are in town you should definitely give it a try.  
I love me some crepes!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Love the Bartons!

We enjoyed a fun filled day with the Bartons that included golfing in the sun, a delicious lunch at one of my new favorite places, Station 22, a little bit of Wii, playing with Baby Jane, NBA Finals and of course Cafe Rio.

What a great way to spend my day off.  We are sure going to miss these guys when they move to Florida. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Euro Trip 2011: Part 8

Last but certainly not least...
We arrived in Paris on May 15th and were lucky enough to stay in a wonderful apartment in the heart of the city right next to the Louvre, thanks to this couple, who found the place and were fun and fabulous to stay with.  
After getting settled in, we met up with my sister and Ian, who stayed a block away in a hotel.  We found a little cafe for dinner where we had delicious soup, salads and sandwiches and then headed over to the Eiffel Tower for our reservations to go all the way to the top!  Scott planned it perfectly so we were on the top enjoying the beautiful views of the city as the sun was going down and although it was windy and a bit chilly, it was so fun!  Right as we were walking off the elevator back on the ground, the tower lights began to twinkle and we all just stood back and enjoyed the show.  We ate some delicious crepes while enjoying the lights and company of our friends.
The next morning we went to a little bakery around the corner from our apartment, where we saw some good looking pastries the day before and they were so yummy we had one every morning we were there.
After breakfast we all headed over to Notre Dame where we explored the cathedral and climbed the hundreds of steps to the top to enjoy the beautiful views of the city with the gargoyles and grotesque.  (Peyton informed us that gargoyles are the stone creatures with rain-spouts and grotesques are the ones that do not spout water :)  It was a bit chilly so we enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa, although bitter, it warmed us right up.
We wandered back near the Louvre and had lunch at Angelina's, which was quite classy and yummy too!  Everyone was drinking the hot cocoa so we made a point the next day to have some at the Angelina's in Versailles.  
After lunch we took a stroll through the Tuileries Gardens where we ate Amorino Gelato which I was introduced to by Christine last time I was in Paris and it was just as delicious as I remember it, probably my favorite.  Well maybe tied with Old Bridge Gelatoria in Rome, can't gelato just be my favorite.  
We continued our walk along the Champs-Elysées to the Arc De Triomphe, enjoying all the shops and each others company so far from home.
We spent our last day with Lauren and Ian in Versaille, admiring the palace and wandering around Marie Antoinette's Village and Gardens, my favorite part.
Our last day in Paris we spent with Blake and Peyton exploring the Latin Quarter and going to see Sacré-Coeur.  As we strolled through the streets we stopped in to try some macaroons at Laduree, ate lunch at a little Mexican Resturant, browsed through books at Shakespeare and Company, and tasted gelato at Berthillon which had delicious fruit flavors.
Our evening ended with a delightful dinner just taking in our last moments abroad before we headed home the next morning. 
We can't believe this trip we anticipated, planned and saved for has already come and gone.  We had the time of our lives and fell in love all over again.