Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's finally here, only five minutes away and we love it!  People camped out the night before it opened but we waited a day to let the lines die down, even though we still waited thirty minutes in the drive through (a lot better than two hours the day before), where they had the line through out the parking lot with In-N-Out workers every few yards to guide the way.  We took it home and had a delicious burger, fries and shake!


Perry Family said...

utahns are crazy about in-n-out!! I crave their burgers like crazy when I'm prego...

Brittany said...

wow! lucky! cool man! What is the world coming too? Something um um good for sure:) love you both!

scott said...

hmmm...yes they do, good thing we are NOT utahns stacy...;)

Perry Family said...

K, so I realize that I don't have your email, so you probably don't have mine:)

Thanks for taking our family pic yesterday!! here's my email:

ps...i still need your phone number too!!

Hope you made it back safely!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to see you guys!! Wished you could stay longer!