Sunday, December 13, 2009

As of Lately

Life has been busy with school finishing up, my last and final semester and work for both of us, Christmas in retail is a crazy time but I love it!
First off for the catch up is THANKSGIVING.  We were lucky enough to spend it in Vegas with the Noordas!

Uncle Jim sure knows how to cook a turkey, well lots of turkeys.

Everyone else made delicious side dishes and pies too!

Scott won a signed Millsap jersey, which ended in a foot race to the Delta Center.  He told me he was going to come into my work that night with it on after he won it and sure enough he came running in with the jersey on.  I have to say I didn't think he would win but he proved me wrong.  From now on I need to realize when my husband puts his mind to something, he does it!

We got our first Christmas Tree and although it is kinda bare, it sure makes our home have more of the holiday feel.

Lastly we went to Costco to meet Sarah Palin and have her sign a book.  It was fun experience and she said, "You are a beautiful couple!" :)

That is just a quick update, we have done a lot more but I need to take more pictures.  So that is it for now.


Perry Family said...

I have to agree with Palin, you are a cute couple!! and yeah for finishing school!!! that's the best feeling ever!!! and cute christmas tree too! it was so great to see you at thanksgiving!

xoxo said...

you guys look so cute - I miss you and blog stock you more religiously than I would like to admit!

The Wellings said...

what when did palin go to costco!?!?! i missed it.