Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Can See!!!

As of 3:10pm today Scott can see without glasses or contacts thanks to LASIK Surgery!  Scott has been wanting Lasik for a while now and we feel so blessed he was able to get it.  Although his eyes are scratchy, dry and in dyer need of itching, he is doing well and says he can see, although it is slightly blurry at this point.  I couldn't believe it when we were lying in bed and he didn't have to ask me what time it was, he was able to see our alarm clock himself!  Here is Scott ready for bed with his protective shields in place.   
Video of his surgery to come!


Mark said...

oh, how cute are those prtoective shields??!! yeah for no glasses!! hope the healing is fast!

ShawnandAshley said...

Hooray! I love my laser eyes too!