Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy As Can Be

This last week has been a crazy one... Scott finished up finals, family came in town for my graduation and WE MOVED!!!  I still can't believe we started moving Saturday at 1pm and were completely moved in, boxes unpacked and pictures hung by Sunday at midnight.  Scott even had food poisoning the night before and still was such a trooper.  We were so lucky to have my mom in town and my sweet cousins Derek and Dustin at our beckoning call, we couldn't have done it without them and all the other helpers that came at last minute notice.  We are so happy with our new place, although we have so many fond memories from our first home together.  Here are some pictures for memory's sake. :)

Pictures of our new home coming soon!

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P+B said...

I am SO SO so excited you guys moved to SC. I am excited to see when you post pics of the new place so we can see what you've done with it. bah, wish we were there for summer.

Love the graduation pics too!