Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never Too Late To Celebrate

Scott's first birthday as a married man was a success!  He woke up to a few gifts from me and a homemade banner I made with the help of my sweet friend Beth then we both went to work for the day but I was able to get off early so we drove up to Red Iguana for dinner and were delighted to spend the evening with our dear friends the Bartons.  Scott's parents were so sweet to order a delicious cake that we enjoyed with the Gourdins and Bartons and then ended the night going to see the movie Knight and Day. 

Happy 23rd Birthday to the Love of my Life!


Perry Family said...

Happy Birthday you old man!! :) That cake looks delicious, and Hillary is so good to you!!

P+B said...

1. LOVE the banner, teach me your skills!
2. Did you make the curtains too? if so, good job! again, teach me your skills.
3. I wish Blake and I were there and we could have partied with you guys. we are missing our fabulous neighbors. boo.

Robertson Family said...

How fun! Hillary you are soo creative! Happy Late Birthday Scott!

Ang said...

So fun! Seeing you and Tiff in the same pic makes me miss the good ol' days:) I'll come stalk you this week-love ya.