Thursday, April 29, 2010


hillary is now a BYU graduate!!
we had a great weekend!
she looked wonderful when she walked and we all went out to eat afterwards!

we loved having our family come to visit!

here's the group in the above picture: hill, scott, elaine(grad's mommy), dustin(grad's cousin), derek(grad's cousin), lauren (grad's sister), and biff(grad's dad)...and same group below with ian (grad's sister's man)

congratulations hillary!
oh i almost forgot. . .hillary is making us proud! she is the first college graduate on her father's side of the family!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy As Can Be

This last week has been a crazy one... Scott finished up finals, family came in town for my graduation and WE MOVED!!!  I still can't believe we started moving Saturday at 1pm and were completely moved in, boxes unpacked and pictures hung by Sunday at midnight.  Scott even had food poisoning the night before and still was such a trooper.  We were so lucky to have my mom in town and my sweet cousins Derek and Dustin at our beckoning call, we couldn't have done it without them and all the other helpers that came at last minute notice.  We are so happy with our new place, although we have so many fond memories from our first home together.  Here are some pictures for memory's sake. :)

Pictures of our new home coming soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nordstrom all-star!

hillary is a nordstrom all-star!!! this is like employee of the month or customer service person of the month. she was awarded this two weeks ago and i was going to post about it then but decided to wait because they are going to put her picture on the wall (next to the customer service place) and i wanted to take a picture of it but i am realizing that might be a while so here it is:
you rock! hillary is excited about this because she will now receive 33% off her purchases rather than the prior 20%. that's all she really cares about.

i took this of hillary working hard. taken with my trusty holga.

so here is what they wrote about hillary in her nordstrom monthly newsletter thing:
"hillary is a go-getter employee!! if you ask her to do something she speeds over and gets it done. she always wants more hours and more opportunity. she is excited to be at work and her customers see that in her. hillary does everything with a smile and she is always so happy to help anyone and everyone. . .she keeps track of her customer's needs and wants and gets right back to them. hillary goes above and beyond for each and every customer no matter what the issue, and she goes 110 mph through the store to find that perfect solution. hillary has a great memory and can keep her customers straight and juggle multiple things at a time. she can create sales out of dust. . .she is always eager to learn and grow and it would be a great asset to nordstrom to keep her around. we really appreciate her hard work and dedication each and every day for us."

i am so proud and thankful to have the best wife who works so so hard for us to live a good life! congrats again hillary, i'm excited to see your picture on the wall and use....that....33%....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Procrastinating Decorating No More!

I am not very confident in my sense of decorating so it's hard for me to make purchases in this area but lately Scott and I have been watching HGTV and I have been looking at design blogs which has inspired me to start taking action on a small scale in my decorating.  I am still in the process of purchasing and decorating but for now here are some of my design dreams.  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scott's Lasik

here is the video of my eye surgery. i would have done one of those cool links where the youtube video is right on the blog but for the life of me i could not figure it out. So when you watch it the first thing the doctor does to both eyes is put on a suction thing and then touches this laser to my eye that cuts a flap in my eye. then he moves me to a different machine where he opens the flaps and the laser corrects my eye and then he closes the flap. simple as that!