Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our day of LOVE was filled with some of the little things in life that we LOVE.
Scott gifted me beautiful red roses, a Volcano Capri Candle with the new beautifully en-graven lids (I love lighting candles in our home and this scent never gets old), a darling headband that will make a bad hair day disappear, and an adorable card with matryoshka dolls on it, he knows me oh too well!  I know Scott's love of watches and he has had his eye on this one so I put it with some of his favorite chocolates and a homemade card and he was a happy hubby!  
We spent the evening at one of our very favorite restaurants, Red Iguana, it was absolutely delicious as always.  
All in all it was another awesome Valentine's day with my perfect Valentine.  I will keep him as My Valentine FOREVER!

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