Saturday, May 7, 2011

Euro Trip 2011: Part 4

After leaving our little home in Rome we took a four hour train ride to Venice.  Although we slept, we also enjoyed the beautiful Italian countryside as we traveled.  When we arrived in Venice, we took a water bus near the Rialto Bridge and made our way to Locanda Casa Petrarca, the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at for the night.  After getting settled in, we decided to explore the town and find dinner.  We decided on American food and went to the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed a burger, chicken and fries.  We walked along the water and found ourselves in little cobble stone streets and squares where locals and their children were playing soccer and enjoying each others company.  Of course we had to get our fill on gelato, I tasted a new cookie flavor that was delicious.  After ending the night in San Marcos Square, we were anxious to begin our second day in Venice.  
I love Italian breakfasts, well at least what we are fed at our B&Bs so far.  Delicious juice (blood orange is my favorite), hard boiled eggs, croissants (they are covered or filled with goodness), fruit and toast with nutella spread perfectly on top, doesn't get much better than that.  After another perfect breakfast, we headed out to enjoy Venice.  Making our way to Frari Church, we strolled through small streets lined with shops, squares and small bridges to cross, where you could look down and see the little homes on the water.  We listened to Rick Steve's walking tour of Frari Church and learned all about it's Gothic beauty.  After our tour, we saw a crepe stand and I was over joyed to eat my first crepe on this trip to Europe!  It sure hit the spot!  We made our way back to San Marcos Square and went to the top of the light house where we realized Scott had left his IPhone at Frari's Church a ways back.  After enjoying the view from the light house as much as possible in the circumstances, we trekked back to the church in hopes of finding the lost phone.  Some one had returned his phone, an answer to our prayers.  What an amazing tender mercy!  Being throughly relieved, we decided to go on a gondola ride.  It was a beautiful relaxing journey through the canals and under beautiful bridges, one of my favorite parts of Venice.  After our ride, we had our last Italian dinner of pizza, spaghetti and gelatos.  We ended our stay in Venice with our Rick Steve's tour of San Marco Basilica, which was one of Scott's favorite churches so far.  We collected our bags from our B&B and made our way to the train station to take our overnight train to Salzburg.  I was fully impressed by our room on the train, complete with a sink, snacks and breakfast at 3:30am before we arrived in Salzburg at 4am.
The waters of Venice were beautiful and now we are in the hills of Salzburg, that are alive with music, European traveling is the best!


lauren said...

so jealous! looks like you are having so much fun :) salzburg is SO beautiful!

ali said...

oh my i am so jealous! you guys must be having tons of fun.