Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Varley Coming 9.13.12

It's true, we are expecting!
10 week ultrasound
Flowers sent from our sweet friend Melissa
12 weeks
14 weeks, St. Patty's Day
Our baby stash!
Although we don't know the gender yet, we have received a few gifts from friends and family.


Marcus Lane said...

Yay!!! Great news, baby Varley will be here before you know it!

P+B said...

I am sooo excited for baby V!!!!

K.T. said...

Congratualtions!! I'm sure no matter what the gender that baby is going to look amazing everyday of its little life!!

Ben, Hannah, & Baby Jane said...

You are too cute! I am so excited that you are pregnant! We are coming in the summer and I want to see you!