Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Going Back to Cali

hillary was all business. calling people, writing checks, telling people what she did and didn't want...this girl is good. she has done such a good job with the wedding plans so far!

we did have some good time to relax! (at least for a few hrs)
Golden Spoon: another overrated california food.
don't get me wrong it was way good, but these yogurt shops are a dime a dozen and you californians talk as if this yogurt came from heaven.
(this message not endorsed by hillary)
we got our marriage license!!!
i tried to talk hillary into getting married there and taking the money and running....didn't happen
us with grandpa and camille at the harbor.


ShawnandAshley said...

I love the pic of you guys getting frozen yogurt! Such a cute couple! I hope you post some bridal shower pics.

Perry Family said...

I just love that pink and blue shirt! YEAH!!! You got a marriage license....its almost official, holy cow!! The great Scottoni is almost hitched!
It was SO fun to see you down at the beach, if only it was dinner at Sonny's!! Bryanna is in-love with cousin Scott and especially Hilary. Thanks for putting up with her craziness! We love Scott and Hilary!!