Sunday, July 5, 2009

We LOVE America!!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent filling out the announcements to send to you! Hillary put her heart into this and did such a good job! I helped too, under the command of my fearless leader, of course;) doesn't she look so cute? i LOVE her!
Here we are on the 4th (am) going to the parade.
We LOVE our bikes and EACH OTHER!!!!
dang hillary is such a fox...
Here we are with Drew and Tiffany(below)! "They are AWESOME!" in the words of my beautiful bride, and I can't disagree!! We all went on a bike ride on the night of the third, there were so so so many people out, there must have been 500+ people just in the parking lot of the 7/11. EVERYONE was out riding bikes, scooters, motorcycles, driving big trucks, and hotrods up and down University Ave. Hundreds of families were camped out on the sides of the street saving spots for the parade the next morning. It was great fun!

This video is of the cops trying to get people to clear out of 7/11. Madness! (it only worked for ten min when they turned on the sirens;)


Perry Family said...

your bikes look like SO MUCH FUN! beach cruisers are the best! I'm glad you had a great 4th!!

Meg said...

How fun! Where did you get your bikes? Those look like fun!! :)

Hillary said...

I got my bike at and Scott's bike is the brand XYZ, they are pretty cheap bikes but we love them and they are so much fun! You and Nate should look into it. :)