Monday, July 27, 2009

the y

here are hillary and i. we hiked the Y tonight and it was great. we also learned what we already knew...scott can be in better shape for the wedding;)
this is a photo i took with my old pentax camera. its a manual focus so i just guessed and did a self portrait of us and it turned out! see my photo's on my photo blog:
oh to be in love...:)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Company

We were lucky enough to spend a warm afternoon down at the Riverwoods with some of our favorite people.
We had a delicious lunch at Magleby's and walked through all the adorable shops.
We are so excited to have Scott's Grandpa be his best man... he sure is qualified. We hope we are as awesome as this amazing couple one day.
Nana and Grandpa, we sure do love you!


We love random bike rides!
Trying to take pictures while you ride can be difficult...
but we sure have fun!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting Ready

*cutest wedding dress ever... check
*florist, caterer and photographer who I trust and adore... check
*invitations in the mail... check by Scott :)
*beautiful reception site due to our dear sweet friend Arlene... check
...and oh how the list goes on but it is coming together and I have a patient, loving, and oh so helpful fiance to make the checks go a little faster :)
Thanks Scott... I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We LOVE America!!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent filling out the announcements to send to you! Hillary put her heart into this and did such a good job! I helped too, under the command of my fearless leader, of course;) doesn't she look so cute? i LOVE her!
Here we are on the 4th (am) going to the parade.
We LOVE our bikes and EACH OTHER!!!!
dang hillary is such a fox...
Here we are with Drew and Tiffany(below)! "They are AWESOME!" in the words of my beautiful bride, and I can't disagree!! We all went on a bike ride on the night of the third, there were so so so many people out, there must have been 500+ people just in the parking lot of the 7/11. EVERYONE was out riding bikes, scooters, motorcycles, driving big trucks, and hotrods up and down University Ave. Hundreds of families were camped out on the sides of the street saving spots for the parade the next morning. It was great fun!

This video is of the cops trying to get people to clear out of 7/11. Madness! (it only worked for ten min when they turned on the sirens;)

Too Perfect!

My amazing best friend, Cassidi, my loving sister, Lauren and my adorable cousin, Brittany put on a beautiful Bridal Shower for me while I was in California. I only got a few shots before it started but here is a little sneak peak.
Here is my cousin and sister putting some last minute touches together.
The decorations were so cute, the food was delicious and we played fun games.
My sister to be also posted a couple pictures on her blog and hopefully I will get my hands on some more because this was a day I will never want to forget.
Thank you so much... I love you girls!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Going Back to Cali

hillary was all business. calling people, writing checks, telling people what she did and didn't want...this girl is good. she has done such a good job with the wedding plans so far!

we did have some good time to relax! (at least for a few hrs)
Golden Spoon: another overrated california food.
don't get me wrong it was way good, but these yogurt shops are a dime a dozen and you californians talk as if this yogurt came from heaven.
(this message not endorsed by hillary)
we got our marriage license!!!
i tried to talk hillary into getting married there and taking the money and running....didn't happen
us with grandpa and camille at the harbor.