Saturday, May 8, 2010

big announcement

first i would like to apologize that this announcement comes via blog. . .tacky i know. . .but we didn't have time to call everyone and share the good news.

hillary and i have a big announcement for everyone. it may come as a shock to many, but for some time now we have been expecting a new addition to our family. . .and this week it happened. . . we adopted.

his name is spike. sometimes i call him
spikey. he is getting bigger so fast. he loves to eat and just grows grows grows. he likes to relax and is very mellow, such a good little guy. very easy to handle and deal with. he does a great job being home by himself through out the day too, while we are off at school and work. just the type of little one hillary and i need around our place.

you know. . .sometimes i think i wasn't ready yet. we always thought we would wait but when it's time. . .it's time and spike was more than ready to join this family. makes me realize that the good Lord knows better than we do and when He needs us to take in and love one of his little ones then it is our pleasure to do so.

spike has an interesting story. . .hillary's sweet mother, elaine, found this little guy at wally's worlds (walmart for those that don't comprender). he had not even hit the floor yet. . .so meant to be. she was just looking around and had the impression that hill and i have had so many times before. . .our home was missing something. that something. . .SPIKE.

he grew like crazy. this picture is after we had him for several days and i realized that i should take a picture because he literally was growing those little sprout things at a rate of over and inch a day. he has slowed down a little. probably tired.

well here he is. spike, our new bonsai palm.


kara said...

scott... you need to get a life. i think only hillary should be allowed to post on your blog.

scott said...


kara said...

i'm kidding! i love you.

Elaine said...

You are the best Scott! Spike is so lucky to be adopted by such loving and kind folks, I know he will thrive in your home. Sure loved the time I got to spend with both of you (Spike too). Love Mom Elaine

Elise said...

okay you FREAKED ME OUT!

Perry Family said...

ha ha ha, that's funny, sounds like you'd rather be a father to a real baby though!!! :)

scott said... way. :)