Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy birthday kara!

disclaimer: this message is intended for the day ofmay 28starting at midnight.

dearest sister,

(this is a link)

we love you so and hope you are enjoying your magical disney summer.

we miss you lots too.

love always,

scott and hillary 

just a note with meaningful sayings important to kara for kara while in orlando:
remember who your favorite brother is
return with disney secrets/gifts
wwybditis? (what would your brother do in this insane situation?)
ctr (create the radness)
i think only kara will get this. . .and think it's funny. . .funny because it's stupid.
happy birthday

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kara said...

hahahaha... i laughed so hard. thank you so much! i love you both so much and miss you. hope you have fun in colorado this weekend. I LOVE YOU SCOTT AND HILLARY!