Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Day of Class

Although Scott doesn't look too happy (he has a hard time functioning in the morning) he was ecstatic that today was his last day of class at BYU as an undergrad.  I have to say I'm pretty thrilled myself to have a soon-to-be graduated hubby.  
To celebrate we got to attend the last Jazz game of the season, thanks to our friend Nate who provided the tickets.  It was a perfect reward to all Scott's hard work.  

Some of my friends from work were there too so they came and sat next to us, love these ladies!
The Jazz won which always makes for a fun game and then we left in the pouring rain.  Scott didn't have a coat and we parked pretty far away to avoid paying for parking so we ran all the way to our car laughing the whole time.  We were completely soaked when we got there.  It was a perfect end to the last day of class. 

Go Jazz!


Robertson Family said...

Hillary How fun!!! What a way to end SCHOOL!!! We're glad you had a good time! CONGRATS SCOTT!!!

kara said...

scott's face in the last picture is hilarious.